A Picnicky Celebration of Springdom and Eastertide

I wouldn’t consider myself a super determined or headstrong individual…

I am only very slightly super determined and headstrong, until someone slightly more super determined and headstrong comes along and then I cower in the face of their super determination and headstrongitude.

until it came to this Easter picnic I envisioned one night as I lay in bed. It was going to happen, even if it meant my regular posse (my beautiful nieces) couldn’t be there due to scheduling conflicts and that I had to carry all the supplies out to the shed by myself (remember? Mr. Gore is a recovering back surgery patient…he has been forbidden to lift even a gallon of milk!).

I’m sure the neighbors think I’m an absolute nutcase, dragging rocking chairs and tables and half of my kitchen across our acre-sized lot for a 2-hour picnic, but…I AM a nutcase! I’m glad my neighbors are so astute.

And let’s face it…they’re probably nutcases, too. Who isn’t?

Anyhow, even though the odds were against me and even though I’m a big baby who hates to carry heavy stuff, I’m SO GLAD I plowed forth and picnicked. And I’m extra glad that our friends, Ben and Leslie, could come by at the last minute, all bedecked in their Easter finery. It was a special time to share with them and their handsome baby boy, Grey. Plus, Ben is a big guy who didn’t mind hauling all my junk back to the house when the picnic was over! Thanks, Ben.

And I’d like to thank you, loyal audience, for giving me the motivation to put a little extra something into our festivities ~ for you and you alone, I make sure my shoes match my clothes and that the table linens are ironed. I work a lot harder and a lot better – even at doing the dishes – with you in my life. In my heart, you were an honored guest at our Easter picnic…let’s take a look, shall we?

Lemonade is always refreshing and makes for a pretty treat…

this whole Easter picnic idea originated with the flowers my Mom dropped off after Mr. Gore’s surgery and this dishtowel from Anthropologie, circa 2007ish. (p.s. I DID iron this towel, but the Oklahoma wind knocked it down a couple of times and mussed it).

this carrot cupcake recipe from Martha Stewart is not to be missed! The recipe was perfectly easy to follow and that cream cheese icing with orange zest was tuh-DIE-for!

did you know that when you buy a dishtowel at Anthropologie you are also purchasing wall art or curtains or upholstery fabric? I have several and I use them for near about everything!

for the children, my Mom and I poured little bottles of milk into jars and colored them pink, purple, yellow, blue and green. Each bottle required only one little drop of food coloring (except for purple which required a couple red and a couple blue). Shake it up…Easter milk!

my Mom used to add sugar and vanilla to our “colored milk” but with all the other Easter treats we’ve had this week, we left those ingredients out. You should try it sometime, though – its delicious!

One thing is certain ~ I’ll never forget our Easter picnic by the shed!

(uber-green grass courtesy of iPhoto).

a little pail of carrots provided a healthy snack…

as did this little pitcher of celery. Perfect for my growing bunnies.

Easter picnics do something magical to even the rootingest, tootingest children and hypnotize them into momentary bouts of kindness and goodwill. Feast your eyes upon this rare display of sibling affection!


Gideon found 14 eggs. Rebekah found 3, 2 of which were pointed out to her. She is almost as observant as her Mama.

and as usual, Baby Betsie watched from afar.

the children loved this little watering can filled with Crunch n’ Munch and pastel peanut M&M’s

Isn’t Mr. Gore good to humor me and attend my silly picnics? He even showered and dressed for the occasion, with very little grumbling! He’s a fine chap, he is.

a quick wardrobe change transformed Betsie into a sweet little bunny rabbit…

she has been granted permission to raid all the neighborhood gardens, free of charge.

An easy and no-fuss menu of chips and croissant sandwiches made for simple preparation and clean-up. As always, a special thank you to my beloved Mother for helping me make this happen…without her, I would arrive late to all my parties as a frightening spectacle of dishevelment.

I present to you…the Williams family! So young, so devout, so lovely. We thank God for their friendship!

Now, back to the colored milk…

Next to the egg hunt, I think this was for real the highlight of the picnic for my eldest two – something about those pretty bottles of milk really intrigued them! For more on the bottles we used, see “Miss Sunday’s Two-Two“:




Mrs. Gore loves to party. 

and so does her little friend, Baby Grey

and so does his adorable Mama, the other Leslie

and so does Miss Sunday, even though she refused to properly pose for this picture with her doting Mother.

Ahhhh…I think even grouchy old Mr. McGregor would have had fun at this picnic.

But then again, I do have a soft spot for grouchy old men.

Happy picnicking, everyone! Happy Spring! And Happy Easter!