A Patriotic Family Breakfast

At the Shop Sweet Lulu Memorial Day sale, My Mom and I purchased all these great decorations for a patriotic Young at Heart brunch and had them hiding in my house for a month…

but when the brunch had to be unexpectedly cancelled on Monday and we couldn’t find a reschedule date that was anywhere close to Independence Day, I decided – at the very last minute – to just host it, anyway.

The guests? Me, Mr. Gore and our 3 ungrateful and too-young-to-remember-all-the-things-I’m-doing-for-them children.

I was so determined, I didn’t even have time to be unsure about this hair-brained scheme.

But I’m so glad, for it was lovely

There was something very fulfilling about waking up and getting us all dressed (to match, of course!), and having my family walk in to a completely finished breakfast. I felt a bit like my Mom, scurrying around with real clothes and make-up on while everyone else ate, filling milk glasses here, cleaning spills there, heating up my coffee about 25 times…

I would love to start doing this more often – and maybe, with practice, we could actually sit down to eat before 10:00 a.m.

Take a look…

The berries I didn’t use up found a nice, cozy spot on the table…

I’m not usually a fan of paper products, but this banner from Shop Sweet Lulu was so cute, and sort of fun to put together. And it was on sale!

our little patriotic spread. Oh, how I wish I could go back and move that tall cake stand over to the right a bit, and then move the silverware caddy closer to it. But I had a hungry family waiting upstairs rather impatiently. They can only stand so much food styling before they starve to death…

The cupcake liners came in a patriotic assortment from Shop Sweet Lulu. The toothpicks are vintage Pottery Barn (they’ve been in my 4th of July box FOREVER just waiting to be useful). And the blueberry muffin recipe came from my new favorite baker, Cheryl Day. I’ll be reviewing her amazing cookbook in a couple of weeks, Lord willing…

Gideon especially liked the blue cupcake wrapper with the silver star topper. I like it, too…reminds me of Glenda the Good Witch meets Dorothy…

Red (ish), white, and blue (ish) milk for my little ones! Betsie’s, of course, was of the whole variety, and dye-free. (for now…)

These are my trusty Martinelli apple juice bottles again – how I love them! I just added a few drops of food coloring, shook it up, voila! Patriotic milk.

and a little yogurt parfait with blueberries and strawberries for each of us. FYI, our favorite yogurt is Great Value Vanilla – we eat about 3 huge tubs a week. Its the best.

and a little basket of blueberries for my Betsie Fair. Everytime I give her a handful of blueberries (whether they’re in a cute basket or not), she says “Ohhhhh…”

Mrs. Gore loves Independence Day almost as much as she loves birthdays! 

I think Miss Sunday is a fan, too!

And my beloved Gideon, with his…interesting…haircut, is becoming all kinds of patriotic. Oh, and about the polo shirt buttoned all the way to his neck…that’s all him. We beg him to unbutton it. He’s not budging.

Betsie dug in first…

and was a huge fan of her glass of ice cold milk!

After breakfast we took a moment to pose for some pictures while the day was still fresh. The little girls are obviously enjoying themselves…

and here is a picture of my favorite kids, each one a firecracker, for sure. Especially that one on the left there…

Baby Betsie goes for a ride!

Do our children have any idea how blessed they are to be born in this great land? I’m so happy my babies are free and have such happy lives. Who wouldn’t love to sit on an antique tricycle in patriotic clothing?!

Coming back inside, we played our “Pin the Star on the Flag” game – I’ll share more on that tomorrow – and then I gave the kids a little 4th of July gift…

containing their very first bottle of Coca-Cola (click here), a box of Cracker Jacks to enjoy at the fireworks show, a cute little spinny-top from Cracker Barrel, a flag pencil, and a United States flag (both leftover from last year’s “gift”).

I will be putting the nonperishables directly back in the attic for next year’s “gift”. Recycling holiday gifts is my favorite trick for thriftily parenting little ones.

They loved their little silver bucket (also from last year) of goodies!

and was it ever hard to save those Cracker Jacks until the end of the day!

When our “brunch” was over, we loaded up half of our belongings and spent the rest of the day at Grandmother’s house and at the local fireworks show, squeezing 4th of July fun into nearly every minute of the day.

What’s that, you say? You want to see those pictures, too?



Coming up tomorrow…Pin the Star on the Flag!