Pin the Tail on the Donkey Goes Patriotic

I told you yesterday I’d share the details on our “Pin the Star on the Flag” game…

First, let me apologize. Our flag was wrinkled from being in storage and I simply did not have time to iron it. Next year I promise I’ll do better.

Which leads me to my next point: this flag has been around for several years now. I had purchased the supplies when Gideon was just a little thing, with plans to make this game for him and his cousins to enjoy. But I’m a procrastinator sometimes, and as that 2008 Independence Day drew near, my flag was still just a bag of felt in a Hobby Lobby bag.

That’s where our amazing friend, Yamei, stepped in.

As we sat around my Mom’s table and chatted and drank coffee, Yamei (a gifted seamstress) transformed my supplies into a giant American flag, one that has lasted for many years and continues to delight the children in my life.

This year was our best yet. Since we didn’t get the chance to actually play this game last year, Gideon had no memory of it, and was so taken by its novelty and fun.

So here’s my wrinkled flag: 

This is completely made of felt fabric, by the way. The stars were traced onto the fabric using a cookie cutter, and once cut, we added a velcro backing to it. Super easy. Super cheap. Super fun.

We’ll let Gideon demonstrate our game, although I’m sure you all know how to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

He was WAY off after being spun around and around and around, and eventually tried to pin a star on his Papa – he got so tickled when he realized how far he was from the flag, and his laughter and unbridled joy just made my day…

Perhaps next year you can make your own Pin the Star on the Flag game!

Or just buy the stuff and have Yamei over for coffee…