I Love Your Face.

There is no doubt that our fourth child, Shepherd, is my main squeeze.

I obviously, like any good mother, love all of my children equally, but that doesn’t mean I love them all “the same.”

I love Gid the Kid because he is my firstborn and he’s quirky and he’s vintage and he’s hilarious and he loves me madly and he is Gideon.

I love Rebekah because she is a normal and brilliant and a songbird and my helper and she keeps me sane and she is Rebekah.

I love Betsie because she is a NUTCASE and she entertains me endlessly and she is tender and generous and oh so gloriously ditzy and she is Betsie.

And I love Shepherd because he is, well, perfect.

Not perfect as in sinless.

Perfect as in the EXACT person that I needed in my life at the exact moment in which he joined us.

He has been by my side for almost two years now, and when I say “by my side”, I mean, literally, by my side.

He sits by me.

He sits with me.

He sits near me.

He sits at my feet.

He sits ON me.

Where I go, he goes, and where he goes, I soon follow because when I’m not with him, I miss him.

So the other day, the three big kids were playing upstairs, and Sheppy came and joined me where I was writing in my room. As usual, he gestured for me to hoist him onto the bed (he’s still not talking much), and I hauled his 30 pounds of girth next to my side.

We played tickle fight and made googly faces at each other and gave each other eskimo kisses and were just hanging out like normal, but when I looked over at my open laptop, I had an idea.

Shep has been making faces at himself in the mirror lately, and I thought it might be fun for him to see himself on my laptop’s camera.

I pulled it up, and the next thing I knew, we were having a face-making PARTY, where my little boy was copying every single thing I did. It was an unexpected, unscripted and hilarious surprise in my day, and…

it sort of made my day!


Happy face…


Mean face…

mean face

Super mean face…


Laughing face…


Now, quick! Hide!


Touch your nose!


Stick out your tongue!


Gimme a kiss!


Now, turn your head this way…


Turn your head that way…


Turn your head the other way…


We’re singing!!!!


Surprised face…


Super surprised face…


I tell you what, I love me some Shepherd.


and I think he loves him some me, too.


❤ ❤ ❤

8 thoughts on “I Love Your Face.

  1. <3,<3,<3!!! Thanks for being willing to post these this pictures…they made my day!! He is the cutest little boy! (other than my own!! :D)

  2. What a joyful way to start a Monday morning! My 4 year old grandson has been making up monkey jokes and we laugh hysterically, but only he seems to get the punch line.

  3. Beautiful. I feel the very same way about my youngest son Bret. He is 12 now and still my cuddler. He has filled my emotional tank at a time when I really needed it. You are SO right and ‘God sent Bret at the exact moment I needed him’ too. All my boys are precious. I love Trevor (19) and his fierce loyalty, willingness to lay down his life for his family and friends, his love for God and when he does find a wife, she will be the luckiest woman in the world because he loves with all his heart. I love Dylan (16) and his brilliance, his unbelievable musical talents, his wonderful ability to converse, his incredible work ethic, his sensitivity, and he too will have a lucky wife because he loves with all he has. I love them all equally but oh so differently. I love the family God has given me.

  4. I luv this…the enjoyment of your kiddo…as mine are all older..I DO miss this though…acting silly, being one on one with ur kid..plus I will admit I didn’t spend the time with them that “I” felt I should have…but I tried to do the best I could…mothers guilt..ugh… anyway this is adorable & a good memory maker to have when sheppy is older & you can look back on fondly

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