Good, Good Friday

As many of you know, by the grace of God, Good Friday has become one of the most important days in the life of our family.

Several years ago, we started a new tradition of dressing in black to remind us of the death of Jesus Christ and to help us understand the mournful aspect of his crucifixion.

Sin is dark. Heavy. Horrific.

And never has that sin been so on display than when the son of God gave up His life for a world who hated Him.

Our clothes on Good Friday help us to contemplate that.

We spend the day simply, occasionally singing hymns and reading stories, and our food is easy to prepare.

It is a true day of rest.

A day of worship.

A day both sad and wonderful…

This morning, we gathered around and read the story of Jesus’s death.


Then, Papa rubbed mud on Gideon’s arm. “This is what our sin looks like,” he explained. Dirty. Gross. Dark.



Then he gave Gideon a mud-soaked rag. “Now wash the dirt off of your arm,” he instructed him.


“I can’t!” he laughed. “It’s too dirty!”


Rebekah’s muddy rag couldn’t clean Gideon. Nor could Betsie’s.

Only the clean rag in the bowl of clean water could wash the mud away…


“Jesus is the only one who can wash our sins away,” Papa explained. “His blood is the only thing that can make our sinful hearts clean.”


As I watched Mr. Gore share the good news with each of our children, muddying and then washing their hands, I marveled over the beauty of the gospel and prayed that the truth would plants itself deeply in their hearts, even as it continues to transform my own.

Now, I don’t quite know how to segue from that touching illustration to this next picture, so I won’t even try. After getting cleaned up and preparing our lunch, we walked to the shed for a picnic.

In a stroke of whimsy, Gideon and Rebekah asked to pull Shep’s stroller like carriage horses, so…

voila! I think this shall henceforth be our new mode of transportation.


Once at the picnic table, we relaxed and ate at our leisure, nowhere to go, nothing to do…



and surrounded by nature and stillness, my heart was full of prayers…


God save Betsie…


God save Rebekah…


God save Gideon…


God save Shepherd…


God save and preserve my marriage.

My husband.

My church.

My friends.

My family.

And God save me.


Dark is the stain that we cannot hide;

what can avail to wash it away?

Look! There is flowing a crimson tide!

Whiter than snow you may be today.

11 thoughts on “Good, Good Friday

  1. Beautiful. Made me teary-eyed when you named your children. So powerful. I feel the same way. God save mine (Summer and Brian) as well.

  2. My heart is full as I read this. It’s beautiful in its simplicity and profoundness. Your prayer for each of your children left a lump in my throat. It was the prayer for all three of my children and now for my six grandchildren. I still pray it for one of my grown-up kids. No worries. God sees, hears, loves, and is faithful. Bless you, Mrs. Gore, and your family this Good Friday and Easter season. He is risen!

  3. @font-face{font-family:Calibri;panose-1:2 15 5 2 2 2 4 3 2 4;}Loved this so much. Worthy is The Lamb!!!!!!! Happy Easter!!!!

  4. Tears and thanksgiving for your moving commentary of your family’s time together on Good Friday. “….you ask me how I know He lives, He lives within my heart!

  5. What a great illustration for your children, the dirty arm. So simple and visual. It’s great for kids to gain an understanding of the Savior early. What a beautiful family! I’m popping in from the A-Z. (I’ve followed you for awhile.) Have a blessed Easter!

  6. Glen Reid
    So touched and moved to prayer and contemplation.

    May you and yours and all who love the Lord rejoice that “He Is risen on Easter.

    Though he suffered agonizing pain and death so he could journey to hell and overcome sin, death, and devil and leave with the keys to our freedom.

    What a Savior is He.

  7. This is just beautiful.What a wonderful way to teach the love of Jesus and what He did on the cross for us.Thank you and
    May God bless you all.

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