This Flower is…I Don’t Know. Delusional?

I watched Pollyanna countless times as a child, and so after my last ranting-and-raving post, I thought it would be a good time to play “The Glad Game.” 


So here I am, four days past my due date.

And in the interest of “keeping my sunny-side-up” here’s what I’m trying to think, stream-of-consciousness style:

  • I’ve spent a lot of time moaning and groaning over my discomfort and I’ve spent a lot of time fearing what’s ahead, but if I stop for a minute and consider the fact that, no matter what this next week looks like, I have MADE it through NINE months of pregnancy (a.k.a. intense personal trials), I feel pretty much like a boss. Way to go, Mrs. Gore!
  • I’m not sure why this has always been a bragging point for me, but my cavernous belly button has never popped, and this continues to be true, even four days past my due date. My belly button is a boss, too. Way to go, naval cave!
  • Sure, I may be pacing through my dark house in the middle of every night with pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel, but I’ve got plenty to be thankful for. No swelling. No cankles. No sciatica. No back pain. No blurred vision. No headaches. And only the slightest bit of mania. Three cheers for a blessed lack of symptoms!
  • In these concentrated months of pregnancy-inspired poor parenting, I’ve learned a few things: if your kids don’t wear clothes all day, you don’t have to do a bunch of laundry. If your kids eat cereal for every meal, they won’t eat up the food budget. If your kids watch TV all day, they’ll be quiet. If your kids don’t get to do awesome homeschool crafts and activities all day, they’ll truly appreciate VBS. And if you sleep in long enough in the morning, your kids will eventually feed themselves and your baby will learn to take off her full-of-peepee diapers by herself and throw them in the trash. Parenting is much easier than we make it when we are overachieving and un-impregnanted. Here, here, for life-lessons!
  • Likewise, my children have learned a lot through my pregnancy. You know all those arguments against homeschooling that say your kids will grow up in an unsocialized bubble? Not with me in the house. I’ve exposed them to every personality in the book. They’ve seen gluttony. They’ve seen sickness. They’ve seen hysterical. They’ve seen depressed. They know what it is like to live with a mental patient. Let’s hear it for gritty home education!
  • On a serious note, I was talking to a pregnant friend on Facebook and she mentioned that, in her current state, it is difficult to differentiate between being unappreciated and overly-sensitive. I concur, as the minute I see the positive sign on that pregnancy test, my sense of entitlement skyrockets and I feel like the world, or at least my family, and especially my husband, owes me a huge favor. Thus our conversation led me to really examine myself this week (ick…”examine” is not a word I really like to hear right now…) and I’ve been reminded that, regardless of the fact that I am something of a ticking-time-bomb who shuffles about the house just waiting for something…anything!!…to happen, and in spite of the reality that there is a hopefully-less-than-ten-pound human balancing on my bladder day and night, I must strive to glorify God in my thoughts and my actions. Pulling the pregnancy card doesn’t nullify my calling as a follower of Jesus. Sigh. Hooray for sanctification?…
  • Being off my feet has allowed me special times with each of my kids. Whether it is cuddling up with Baby Betsie on the bed, or being tended to by Miss Sunday, or reading books with Gideon, I have had time to study each of them this week, and to appreciate their uniquity. PLUS I just made up that awesome word, there. Rousing applause for one-on-one time and never-before-used vocabulary words!
  • I didn’t get ANY stretch marks from this pregnancy until TWO days ago. Ummm…yay? That’s…awesome.
  • And finally, despite all the discomfort associated with today and the anxiety associated with what lies ahead, there is something blossoming right alongside my stomach…an ever-growing anticipation to meet the little booger that lives in there! Whoop-whoop for BABIES!!!
  • (and for pregnancies being overrrrr…).

And there you have it! A sort-of-true look into the trying-to-be-optimistic mind of a ranting-and-raving past-due pregnant woman who is super GLAD (like, Pollyanna glad) her mom replaced those pathetic flowers in her kitchen…


p.s. Keep those prayers comin’. Especially for Mr. Gore.

3 thoughts on “This Flower is…I Don’t Know. Delusional?

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and I just had to tell you that I love your honesty with how you are feeling, how God teaches you with a humorous note each time. I feel like I know you but I don’t of course. 😉 your blog inspires many a young mom that it is okay to not have it all together. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life. Praying all goes well with this new little One.
    Always Pammi in Florida

  2. Love your blog! This one brought back memories of being 8 days late with my first baby. I worked at my job the day he was born. I got a little grumpy when customers came in and asked..”when is your baby due?” And I had to ‘snap back’ and say x number of days ago! Aw! How some things one never forgets! Hope your baby wakes you up tonight ..ready to make an appearance! Keep up the wonderful writing.

  3. Praying for you!! I never went full term with any of mine, but the one that was only 5 days early as opposed to 3 and 4 weeks early caused me to make some unusual choices and feel act in dilusional ways. Hang in there and keep sharing every moment of it. Your realism is refreshing and important. Thank you!!

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