Holy Week (2).

Sitting on the tiled seat of our walk-in shower, I watched Rebekah’s hands and arms as she slathered them up with the leftover sliver of Dove soap. Her motions were part girl, part baby, and I drank in the precious sight of her soft, slightly chubby body as the water cleansed a day of play and food and preschool living away…

So young.

So sweet.

So naive and trusting.

And as I heard the (albeit halting) strains of my husband practicing the Getty’s “Communion Hymn” at the piano in our bedroom nearby, my thoughts were drawn to our Maker.

This week we are doing our best to observe “Holy Week”, contemplating the greatest sacrifice history has ever known and one which our human hearts can barely begin to understand. 2000+ years ago, He was preparing for the agony of not only a painful physical death, but for the inconceivable reality of meeting and receiving the full wrath of a holy God.


To save a race that couldn’t – wouldn’t – recognize Him when He was here in the flesh.

To save a people who loved darkness so much that they would abuse and mock and murder to get Him – and His Words – out of their sight.

To save a woman who has known and experienced His love and forgiveness for a near lifetime but continues to house a weak faith, timorous trust, and is as “prone to wander” as the most wayward sheep in the fold.

To save her family.

Her husband.

Her children…

Amazing love! How can it be?

2000+ years later, as I have the freedom and the leisure to enjoy an afternoon moment with my baby girl, my heart set free from its shackles, my eternity secure, my life complete, my hope bright, I have nothing left to do but praise Him.

Heart trembling with gratitude, I wrapped Rebekah into a towel and lifted her into my arms. She laid her head on my shoulder and I held her close, rocking back and forth to the tinkering of the piano as my heart sang along to the music…

Behold the Lamb who bears our sins away,
Slain for us – and we remember
The promise made that all who come in faith
Find forgiveness at the cross.
So we share in this bread of life,
And we drink of His sacrifice
As a sign of our bonds of peace
Around the table of the King.

The body of our Saviour Jesus Christ,
Torn for you – eat and remember
The wounds that heal, the death that brings us life
Paid the price to make us one.
So we share in this bread of life,
And we drink of His sacrifice
As a sign of our bonds of love
Around the table of the King.

The blood that cleanses every stain of sin,
Shed for you – drink and remember
He drained death’s cup that all may enter in
To receive the life of God.
So we share in this bread of life,
And we drink of His sacrifice
As a sign of our bonds of grace
Around the table of the King.

And so with thankfulness and faith we rise
To respond, – and to remember
Our call to follow in the steps of Christ
As His body here on earth.
As we share in His suffering
We proclaim Christ will come again!
And we’ll join in the feast of heaven
Around the table of the King.

“Behold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)”                                                                                                 by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend

By His grace, I remember.

I will teach it to my children.

I will strive to make our life about Him and not us.

I will do my best to write it upon our doorposts.

May He continually write it upon our hearts.

2 thoughts on “Holy Week (2).

  1. it IS so humbling when contemplating Christ’s sacrifice. The world is so blind to His mercy, and it makes me grieve. I think of what He said on the cross, “forgive them, they know not what they do.” We are still there today.
    from The Dugout

  2. Crying….my heart is appropriately (and by His grace) tender today. I’m with you in remembering and being grateful. And I CAN’T WAIT for that feast around His table.

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