Mrs. Gore’s Year in Review

~ Am I the queen of publishing things late or what? Here is my 2011 year in review ~

Any way you slice it, 2011 was a good year.

Minus the part where Regis said he was “moving on”.  And minus all the times my kids threw up and the 3,487 poopy diapers I changed.

Here are some of the highlights:

Funniest moment: When I jumped around the corner with a light saber and scared the living daylights out of Mr. Gore while he was brushing his teeth. First time I’ve EVER scared him since I’ve known the man. I laughed for 20 minutes. For 2 of those minutes, I was doubled over.

Scariest moment: One word. Scorpions.

Worst moment: Realizing that Rebekah’s finger was in the closed hinge of the van door…did I tell you guys about that?

Saddest moment: When Rapunzel was kidnapped from her Mother and Father. Geeze, Disney…they missed her entire childhood?! That’s just harsh.

Weirdest moment: When Baby Betsie grabbed both of my ears, pulled my face directly in front of hers and started suckling my chin.

Best meal: When Small Elephant (that’s me!) ate 4 pieces of French toast, 2 eggs, and 6 pieces of bacon at Cracker Barrel. The very thought of it is saliva-inducing. Almost makes me want to be pregnant again. (for more detail, click here).

Best blog: You tell me.

Best dessert: Baked fudge at The Bistro in Tulsa.

Best purchase: 75% off industrial barstools from Anthropologie on Black Friday. The best part was that I woke up, rolled over, clicked “buy”, shut my laptop, and went back to sleep.

Best musical discovery: Max Raabe and the Palaste Orchestre (namely singing their rendition of “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf”) and Celtic Thunder. True to his nature, Gideon has become obsessed with both “bands”, meaning we watch a lot of all those guys on their PBS specials/infomercials. Our coolness is unprecedented.

Best reads: “The Help”…”Interrupted”…”7″…”The Hunger Games”…”Sense and Sensibility”…it was a good years for books, of both the new and the revisited variety.

And my family awards:

Best use of costuming and accessories, including, but not excluded to, mustaches: Gideon

This kid knows how to rock a ‘stache. This one in particular perfectly matched his hair, causing his Mother to do two double-takes. I thought it might have sprouted overnight!

Bossiest by a mile: Miss Sunday

choke-holding her baby sister. Betsie never stood a chance…

Best (and most loveable) baby on the planet for all time never to be outmatched: Betsie Fair

sleeping through her first bath. This baby was a slice of heaven.

Best at consistently being the best: Mr. Gore, no contest.

our first time at In-N-Out Burger before seeing the stage production of Les Miserables. What a date!

A Good Day for Mrs. Gore:

Christmas 2011

A Bad Day for Mrs. Gore:

8 months pregnant, mustached, and practically miserable in every way.

Best lessons of the year:

1. The Holy Spirit is not to be ignored.

2. Earthquakes suck.

3. Being funny is better than being pretty (as proven by the photo I just shared with you in the foggiest hope that I might get a laugh).

‘Twas a good year, was it not?

What were your 2011 highlights? If you can remember them…

2 thoughts on “Mrs. Gore’s Year in Review

  1. Well, Miz Lesley, your “foggy hope” was realized, as you got a big LOL out of me at that pathetic picture!

    But as for my favorite of your blogs, that would be like asking for a favorite book of the Bible — can’t do it; they are all good!

    • I am SO glad that at least one person laughed at that picture – it was a gamble for me, but now I can see it paid off. 🙂 Your family continues to be a huge source of encouragement in my writing. Thank you so very much, always!

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