Weeklies: January 29 – February 4

*Rebekah’s hands were latched on to the tippy-top of our slipper bathtub and she was perfectly poised to let go and slide down into the water below on her belly, but she kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye. What are you doing?” I finally asked. “You’re supposed to tell me ‘no’.” she answered solemnly. “I’m not going to tell you ‘no’…” I assured her. Why would I tell you ‘no’?” “Because you are mean.” she unblinkingly replied, right before letting go and splashing into the bubble bath.

*During the same bathtime, Rebekah sang an especially sweet version of “Away in a Manger” using her little fingers to portray “the stars in the sky” and laying her head to the side when talking about the “little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.” After applauding, I just had to run and get my camera in hopes that she might perform it again. She didn’t want to, but I bribed her with pink gum. “Alright…” she begrudgingly conceded. “Away…” she sang, but then stopped and shook her head.  “Away…” she sang in a higher key, but then stopped again and shook her head. “Away…” she sang in an even higher key, but stopped again, giggled and said “Away?” before looking me right in the eye with a furrowed brow and saying, quite emphatically, “Go away.” (As in, speaking of “away”…why don’t you get out of here?).

*And while we’re on the subject of baths, Miss Sunday developed a massive cold this week (that is apparently sweeping through the town), and I thought it was particularly sweet that when she wasn’t sleeping or watching television, she wanted to bathe. Nothing feels better than a hot bubble bath when you’re under the weather, does it?

*Gideon has accomplished great things this week that must remain untold (hint: underwear, bedtime, dry sheets) and it has resulted in some major daily rewards. Like going to “Uncle McDonald’s to get a new toy (with a cheeseburger, of course). He was SO thrilled with the drag racing car he received in his Happy Meal. “Do you see this racecar Mom?” he asked. “He’s helpful and he follows Jesus.” Funny…those were the 2 characteristics that drew me to Mr. Gore (not to mention his awesome red hair).

*Chris called something girly I was doing on the computer “weird”. But he quickly amended his statement with: “…said the 31-year old playing a Batman video game in the living room.” Which was exactly what I was thinking.

*Gideon desperately needed my attention one morning, but then so did his crying-at-the-top-of-her-lungs baby sister. “Gideon,” I hissed. “You’re just going to have to wait!” “Come on Mom…” he said. “Haven’t you ever heard a baby cry before?”

*Weeklies are distracting. I just handed Baby Betsie a Pepper Jack Cheez-it to munch on instead of a Gerber Graduates peach puff. Whoopsie.

*”Mom!” Gideon called from the living room. “Can we go to the cinema tomorrow?” (I’m gonna assume he picked that up from our favorite British cartoon Peppa Pig).

*Rebekah not only does doctor voices; now she has a voice that speaks for Baby Betsie as well. “What’s your favorite color, Betsie?” she’ll ask her, before saying in a very high and raspy (and frankly, disturbing) voice, “Pink”. When Betsie accidentally clawed the fire out of my face and I said “Ouch!” she gently scolded her: “No, no, Bets. Tell Mama sorry!” “Sorry!” she then squeaked, before looking at me and saying in her own voice “She said sorry.” I’ve always had this fear of Gid the Kid going into the scary art of ventiloquism…but maybe Rebekah’s the one to watch.

*Another mind-boggling and utterly confusing conversation with my son, for your reading enjoyment:

Gid: Mom, get me my orange juice.
Me: Gid, I’m feeding Betsie.
Gid: No you’re not. You’re chewing on her and she’s spitting on you.
…long silence…
Gid: You are. You’re chewing on her. In real life.
Me: Gid, I don’t even know what that means.
Gid: Tell the truth, Mom. You’re chewing on her.
Me: I really don’t know what you’re talking about.
Gid: Tell the truth, Mom.

*I’m pretty sure that I just ate a sizable chunk of wax paper from my Rice Krispie treats, but it was covered in chocolate, so I don’t really care.

*After washing, clipping and combing three ragamuffins in a row, it makes perfect sense that my own toenails are reaching daring (and disgusting) new heights…I’m too tired to lift a finger or a clipper. Maybe Mr. Gore will clip them for me? “Love endures all things”…

*I had the opportunity to go to Wal-Mart all by myself on Saturday to do the grocery shopping. But I took Gid the Kid because I thought it would be fun. It was – especially the part where we went to Taco Bueno and sat across the booth from one another and talked and laughed and I studied every tiny inch of his face and hair and neck and ears.  But the Wal-Mart part where we went on a Saturday at noon the day before the Superbowl and started our shopping with a giant plastic tub poking out of our cart and Gideon had a question about every other product we passed…that, in itself, was enough to make me say it…

What a week!

3 thoughts on “Weeklies: January 29 – February 4

    • Katie, thank you so much for your encouragement – the fact that the “Weeklies” make you laugh helps me to keep posting them! (and if you wake your husband up, I will totally take the blame, no problem).

  1. I always try to get Rayce to clip my toenails. HE NEVER WILL!! I can’t even get him to wash my hair for me! Good thing I will have a new baby that I can train to do those things.

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