Mrs. Gore’s Fabulous Fourth of July

First of all, I am very aware that it is the last week of October.

Second of all, I am usually true to my word (unless I’m not). And a month or two ago, I seem to remember telling you I would thoroughly catalogue our annual 4th of July party, did I not? And so here I am, being true to my word, making Uncle Sam and our forefathers proud of my honesty and good citizenship…in the last week of October.

We had a rather thrown-together Fourth of July celebration this year, but despite the lack of long-term planning and decorating, it was just plumb ducky. Take a look!

Nieces Anna and Kate play at the piano. For all you know, they were playing Cohan’s “Over There”.

An impromptu “hat parade” featuring various forms of millinery styles and, of course, weaponry.

Saluting in front of our “Pin the star on the flag” game. More on that next year…

Would this photo (which was not posed, by the way) make General Patton proud? I hope so. I’d hate to make him upset.

I’m telling you, this kid is obsessed with the weapons and the guns and the aiming and the shooting.

Corn on the cob = America the Beautiful

See? Beautiful.

See? Beauti…handsome. But the corn IS beautiful!

Even our sweet tea wore patriotic hats.

I know that people are more important than food, but this (Paula Deen’s fresh cream tarts) is one of my greatest memories from this day.

Gideon liked them, too.

A watermelon party!

Baby Kate…

Rebekah Sunday…

Abigail Grace…

Gideon Michael…

A watermelon party, indeed.

Baby Betsie (wearing her “Baby Fretsie” expression) in her red, white and blue.

a 4th of July kiss between our Memorial Day girls

Watch out, Mr. Gore! There are poppers on the porch!

Ahhhh…Tis a beautiful thing to watch the children that we love grow up in the land of the free…

…and to know they will be protected by the brave…

…where our family has the freedom to worship and to pursue personal happiness…

…and to watch spectacular fireworks year after year. God bless America!

What sweet memories. What a beautiful holiday.

Happy 4th of July, everybody. In the last week of October.


All photographs taken by Amy Jackson, who also supplied the patriotic tattoos, the dark-haired beauties, and made the sweet tea and corn on the cob. As always, THANK YOU, dear friend and sister.

One thought on “Mrs. Gore’s Fabulous Fourth of July

  1. Absolutely wonderful Lesley! And this is why I don’t have and don’t need a blog … I have you. And you are Awesome. And your blog is awesome too! Loved it. Every word. Every picture. Every memory. Thanks!

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